Boho - Chakra Special (VEGAN)

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Color your day with the chakra rainbow collection ! This colorful appearance immediately makes you happy  and symbolizes the seven  chakras. Chakras provide balance of the seven  most important energy points in the body . By wearing this bracelet you are all about positivity, strength and life .


Jasper  is a large group of quartz stones that come in various colors and can be found all over the world. It is a strong grounding stone and with all its shades it is reminiscent of the elements of Mother Nature .

Jasper helps to remember what is important and allows unnecessary thoughts and beliefs to flow away. The Earth elements of the Jasper absorb unwanted energies to dissolve them.

Although each variety of the Jasper offers different healing energies, regardless of color, they provide grounding , stability and a deeper connection with nature .


  • Choice of 2 variants
  • Strap: vegan wax cord
  • Adjustable in 3 sizes 15.5 to 20 cm (male model is 1.5 cm longer)

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